Frequently asked questions

What car should I choose?
Think carefully about how much time you may spend in the vehicle and how much space you need – for people and luggage. Then make your choice based on comfort and not just a price. Finding yourself cramped into a vehicle that is smaller than you need could really spoil your vacation. All our cars have radio and CD player.

Are there any restrictions on where I can drive?
You should only drive your rental car on public, paved roads and highways. Damage caused by driving on unpaved or gravel roads is not covered under the Damage Waiver, there is no restriction on where you may go with your car in South Africa, cross border not permitted.

Can I drop off the car at a different location?
Yes we do have a one-way program around South Africa; please ask your local branch.

What if I don’t receive my email confirmation?
You can request another copy of your email within 48 hours. Please check your email address carefully, and correct it if necessary.

What about Child Seats?
You should book your child seat(s) in advance, and there is usually a per day charge for hire of the baby car seat. We cannot pre-reserve infant seats or booster seats, but you can check availability at time of pick-up.

What about Navigator system GPS?
You should book your GPS (s) in advance, and there is usually a per day charge for hire of the navigator.

What about cell phone?
You should book your phone in advance, and there is usually a per day charge for hire the cell phone.

What kind of Driver’s License do I need?
All drivers must present a full Driver’s License issued by your country of residence. A Provisional, Graduated or Learner license is not acceptable. The license, held for a minimum of two years, must be valid at the time of rental and remain valid throughout the rental period.
If your driver’s license is not in English, you should bring with you an International Driving Permit (IDP). An IDP is written in 13 languages and serves as an officially recognized translation of your local driver’s license. Your IDP must always be accompanied by your valid local driver’s license.

Do you offer long-term rentals… over 30 days?
Yes. We welcome long term rentals. Wozani car rental will require renter to return the car to office at the end of each twenty eight day period to close off the current rental contract and sign a new one. This is also an opportunity to ensure the vehicle is running smoothly and not scheduled for maintenance or service.

What if I need to change or cancel my rental plans?
No Show… failing to pick-up the reserved vehicle is considered as a Cancellation within three days of pick-up date. Your Pre-payment After three days you will be fully charged R500 booking fee.

How do I know where to collect my car?
While do your reservation, click on pick-up point. At the end of your booking, view and print your “Confirmation”. We include specific instructions on where to report to pick-up your car. This message also includes additional contact information and telephone numbers for the branch location. See on contact page.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?
Yes. The method of payment is by embossed credit card (embossed means that the digits on the credit card are raised). We also accept debit cards or cash. Regrettably we do not accept cheques and bank transfers.

What do I need to pick-up my car?
When you arrive at the rental agency, you will need to identify yourself by name to match up with your reservation, and meet the rental agency’s minimum criteria for age 25 (major credit card – Amex, Diners, MasterCard or Visa – in your name or you can pay by cash).Debit cards are accepted as a method of payment at the time of rental.

Is there a deposit taken on my credit card?

Yes of course there is key deposit fee minimum of R3000.

What if I don’t like the vehicle I’ve chosen?
Talk to the branch manager, they will try to get you into a car you like. There will be a charge if you choose to upgrade to a larger vehicle.

What if I don’t pick-up the car at all?
There will be the charge ask your local branch.

What happens in the event of a breakdown, hijack or accident?
In the event of mechanical difficulty, hijack or accident, contact the closes branch immediately – see the rental agreement for contact information – and they will advise you what to do. You should notify the local police about all accidents involving injury or property damage, and obtain a signed police report. You should also obtain full details of any third parties involved.

What if I keep the car longer than I booked?
If the client wishes to extend his rental period, reservations must be informed to circumvent the client driving an uninsured vehicle as well as to avoid the vehicle being reported stolen

What if I keep the car less time than I booked?
Wozani car rental will charge you the full Balance Due to branches. There’s no reduction or refund for shorter rentals.

What about the traffic fines?
The renter is liable for payment of all traffic fines. We charge a R195 traffic fine handling fee.

What is Auto-Billing?
Auto-Billing is the process of automatically deducting the rental amount when you hire a car and refunding any monies owed to you after you return the vehicle.

Can I rent a car without a credit card?
Only Car Rental Company that accepts cash and debit cards or credit card with car rentals.

Is there a minimum age to rent a car from Wozani car rental?
The minimum age to hire a vehicle from us is 25 years. Special arrangements can be made should a young driver wish to rent a vehicle or be nominated as an additional drive, however, they must have been in possession of a drivers licence for a minimum of 2 years.

Is there anything more I need to know about waivers and car rental?
Please refer to our terms and conditions also peruse the back of our rental agreement for more on waivers, exceptions excesses, and what constitutes breach of contract.

What is an accident administration fee for?
This covers any administration costs we incur in the event of one of our clients having an accident. A R1000 administration fee is charged additionally to the excess.

Does the excess cover damage to tyres, windscreens and under-carriage damage?
No the excess does not cover repairs to tyres, windscreens and under-carriage, and the costs for these repairs will be for the Renter. Should these components be damaged as a result of an accident, they are covered by the excess.

What is a car rental day?
Rentals are charged in 24 hour periods, return of the vehicle later than the time on the booking will result in an extra day being charged. A grace period of one hour is allowed for late returns.

What is the minimum rental?
24 hours

What is the contract fee and how much?
A contract fee of R150.00 is excluded from our rates and covers administration costs incurred for each rental.

E Toll administration fee
R99 per contract